Provider Programmes

Provider Programmes are courses created by the college or academy selling it. This means that these courses can cover a wide variety of topics depending on what the college decides to offer. Many institutions use this as a way to offer short courses, which provide valuable skills to students in a short period of time, which means they can start applying that knowledge in their career sooner.

Along with our accredited course offerings, we also offer provider programmes, which are courses we’ve developed us, in-house. Even though these course aren’t accredited by any external body, we’ve put in a lot of work to ensure that they can give you the best possible chance at success for specific careers.

These courses do not require formal exams to pass and are often structured in such a way that you can level up your skills as you go along. They are perfect for self-development and demonstrate to employers your willingness to learn and improve yourself thereby increasing your ability to find a job or get a better job.

Things to remember about Provider Programmes:

  • A provider programme has no external accreditation and it has no link to any professional body.
  • Provider courses give students knowledge and skills to help them in their jobs, own businesses or hobbies.
  • Make sure you list your provider programmes on your CV. Employers want to see ALL the training you have done.
  • Provider programmes are usually shorter than accredited qualifications.

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