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Facial skin care specialisation

Beauty Therapy is broad term, which made up of a variety of treatments designed to enhance one’s physical appearance. Facial skin care is a common focus for beauty therapists, as it enhances one of the first things you notice about someone, during any interaction with them. If first impressions really do count, then facial skin care is a good way to help someone make a positive one.

Career opportunities include working at a spa as a facial skin care professional or even a skin care consultant. You could also add this to your skills as a freelance beautician if you prefer the life of an entrepreneur. If you excel at your career, you can even enjoy a career on a cruise ship spa. This remains a popular career goal for many beauticians, as it gives you the opportunity to travel with free accommodation while earning a substantial salary.

Important personal skills for success

Good People Skills
This is a career that requires you to interact with people on a daily basis. It is important that you are able to make people feel comfortable when you are working with them. Building a good reputation with your customers will benefit you in the long run as more people keep returning to you for your skincare services.

Time Management
You will usually be working by appointment in this industry. It’s important to know how much work you can handle through the course of the day to avoid overbooking. It is a simple mistake to make which can lead to large amounts of dissatisfied customers. This makes it much more difficult to obtain clients in the future, so it is an important skill to develop.

Good Listening Skills
This is crucial when working with clients. You always want to be sure that you understand the customers needs before making any recommendations to them. Skincare can be difficult when you factor in the huge amount of allergies or skin conditions people may have. Using the wrong treatments for them can be disastrous. 

As a skin care specialist, you’ll always need to keep learning to stay ahead of the latest products and technology. Many specialist products require strict training of some kind for you to understand the product well enough to market it and make effective use of it for you clients. With the continuous development happening in the field, it isn’t a career to easily get bored of.

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