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Events Management

This is an exciting field where you can apply practical knowledge from your studies in order to create mind blowing events and functions. Events Management can be an ideal choice for those looking to have a career with a little bit less routine and more variety. 

Events management is described as applying project management principles and skills to the creation of large scale events like festivals, concerts, carnivals and more. It’s a fast paced and stressful environment to work in at times. You need to be adaptable and work well under pressure to thrive in this career.

The main difference between a project manager and an event manager aside from organising events, is that to be a successful events manager, you also need to understand marketing and promotion techniques to make sure enough people attend the events you’ll be running.

Additionally, your responsibility as an Events Manager is to make sure everything runs without any problems. If you’re working with clients, you’ll be the one expected to make their dreams a reality. Creating memorable experiences isn’t as simple as it may seem at face value. 

The work you need to do will consist of things like:

  • planning event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives
  • coming up with suggestions to enhance the event’s success
  • preparing budgets and ensure adherence
  • sourcing and negotiating with vendors and suppliers
  • taking charge charge of hiring personnel (DJs, waiters etc.)
  • Coordinating all operations
  • Leading promotional activities for the event
  • Supervising all staff (event coordinators, caterers etc.)
  • Approving all aspects before the day of the event
  • Ensuring event is completed smoothly and stepping up to resolve any problems that might occur
  • Analysing the event’s success and preparing reports

Personal skills which will help you as an Events Manager

Events management, like many other industries, has changed a lot over the last few years. As technology evolves and improves, we’re constantly finding ways to do things better. However, despite the growth of all the tools we have available to us, there are still some things which machines can’t do for us. This is why certain personal skills are so beneficial in this career.

Here is a list of personal traits that may be of use to you as an Events Manager.

1. Interpersonal Skills
Developing interpersonal skills is a necessity, but some people are born with these skills. Such people are able to manage their team or communicate effectively and it is these people who often make great event managers.

2. Adaptability
Nothing is fixed when planning events. There are many moving parts to every plan, and not everything will always run as planned. This is why you need to be able to deal with any problems that arise within a moment’s notice.

 3. Energetic
This career is one that can be extremely tiring. It’s important to make sure you always have a positive energy and lover every moment of the possible chaos you might face in your role.

4. Creativity
People who are able to come up with creative solution to problems consistently generally have an easier time as Events Managers. You need to think of new ideas in order to make sure your events are memorable.

6. Good Time Management Skills
You won’t be able to manage an event well if you can’t pace the work requirements properly. You must be able to make sure everything you require for the event is available when you need it.


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