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Child Psychology with Ember Academy

Working with children is a noble cause, but also comes with many challenges. It is often very difficult to communicate with kids under a certain age, especially when you don’t understand the milestones of their development. Studying our Child Psychology courses will help you bridge the gap between your love for children and your understanding of them.

Who should study this course?

If you’re interested in assisting or working as an educare practitioner, these courses can prove to be a valuable resource in helping you effectively impact future generations. Since these courses are Provider Programmes (which means we’ve created this courses ourselves from the ground up), you cannot work as a registered child psychologist. This doesn’t mean that the course holds no value though.

Studying this course shows that you have a deep interest in helping children develop properly both mentally and emotionally. It enables you to identify and facilitate the challenges they may face as they grow up. Aside from helping you improve you skills with children, can also help you build up your reputation as an au per AuPair or baby sitter. 

Possible Jobs with this course

Studying this programme gives you a few exciting career options to choose from. Below is a short list of just some of the possibilities for you to pursue.

1. Daycare Worker
This career choice means you will be working with kids for most of the day. Which means you could a high amount of influence on their development while taking care of them. Being able to provide them with a safe learning environment, in which they can play and grow.

2. Childminder
Working as a childminder is somewhat different to being a daycare worker. You will mainly be working on a part-time basis as a freelance service. Taking care of a 1 or a few children at a time, rather than many of them. You may have less time, but being able to give children more individual attention could lead to you making more of an impact in their lives.

3. Au Pair 
Many people are choosing to work as Au Pairs, as it gives you the unique opportunity to travel while earning money. Au Pairs have becoming increasingly popular as it is often the safer and more affordable option for child care. There are many agencies available which can help you make a career out of it, a quick google search would be the easiest way to find an agency and get started.

4. Parenting Blogger/ Columnist 
If you enjoy sharing everything you learn with people online, in order to help them, then this course could have immense value for you. It always helps to be well informed on any topic you write on, which is where this programme could come in handy for you. You could use this course to improve your knowledge base and write even more interesting articles for your readers. Referencing well researched material will also add to the trustworthiness of your writing.

If you would like more information about the programme, or wish to consider studying with us, simply contact us or complete the form on this page to request a call back, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


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