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Salon Manager vs. Beauty Therapy Expert

These two careers are fairly high level ones in the field of beauty careers although they are very different. Below is a comparison between the two career choices and the benefits of each. The great thing about these two career options, is that you can study for both of them with us regardless of which one appeals to you more.

Beauty Therapy Expert

Earning this title requires extensive knowledge about a wide range of treatments and techniques to enhance the physical appearance of your clients. These include a collection of things including nail-care, facial skincare and make-up application. Each of these comes with a unique set of challenge. As a Beauty therapy expert, you need to understand all of the technical requirements for any service you render. You also need to have a good understanding of the possible medical implications of certain treatments

Each part of the human body which you work with can have many different afflictions. It is important to be able to understand these in order to properly recommend the correct treatments for your clients. More advanced treatments will require specialist training before you can make use of the product. This is to make sure you can recommend the correct product to the client for their individual needs.

The requirements of working as a Beauty Therapy Expert are much more hands-on than that of working as a Salon Manager. As a Beauty Therapist, you deal more directly with clients much more frequently, where in a role as a Salon Manager means you’ll be more likely to be interacting with staff rather than clients.

Salon Management

As a Salon Manager, your role is to make sure that the every day operations of a Salon are successful. You’ll be more involved with  managing people rather than doing any of the actual treatments. Understanding how to maintain the financial stability and staff morale of an institution will be key focal points in your career.

On top of understand a wide range of treatments which can be offered at an establishment you will be managing, you also need to have great people skills and be able to assist your staff with any challenges they may face. Being able to work well under pressure while keeping your staff and clientele happy can be a tricky balancing act, but they are important skills to have a manager in any business.

When it comes to handling customer satisfaction, as a manager, you are ultimately responsible for everything which happens inside the salon. This means you will spend a lot time handling customer complaints alongside your staff. You should constantly be listening to customer feedback and finding new ways to improve their experience at your establishment.

Even though there is a lot of responsibility associated with a career as a Salon Manager, there is good news for those wanting to pursue this choice. Most of what you need to know to succeed in this role can be learned through studying and practice.

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