Educational Benefits Of YouTube

We live in an era where technology can be used to improve our everyday lives if we know how to use it properly. Many online tools and applications have emerged in recent years that can be used to make teaching and learning in the classroom considerably easier and more interesting.

Today we will look at YouTube, one of the most prominent video streaming services on the internet.


What Is YouTube?

YouTube can be accessed via the app or the website link to share and watch videos about someone or something. It is completely free to use, but you may pay a fee to get an ad-free experience.

YouTube includes a wide range of videos, and it is believed that over 100 hours of video content are posted on the platform every minute. This implies that there is almost certainly a video for whatever you want to search for, such as cooking videos, music videos, science lessons, travel blogs, and so on.

Does YouTube Have Any Educational Value?

Yes, YouTube can be used for educational purposes. It can be used to make classroom lessons more entertaining and keep students entertained while they are still learning. YouTube is very beneficial for visual learners. Teachers can use YouTube to find videos that will help make their lessons more understandable and enjoyable.

YouTube can also be accessed from any device with an internet connection, so the student can be assigned a YouTube video to watch at home as homework to help them grasp the topics discussed in class.


How Is YouTube Beneficial To Teachers?

Here are all of the advantages that YouTube will provide to teachers who want to use the platform in their classroom:

  • Sense Of Community
  • It Is Free
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Incorporate
  • Demonstrative
  • Reward Students

Sense Of Community

Teachers from all around the world can use the comment area of YouTube videos to ask and answer questions. This will foster a feeling of community, and teachers will be able to voice their opinions on any topic imaginable.

It Is Free

YouTube is entirely free to use. There is a premium option, however, it only removes ads from the platform. The free version of YouTube allows you to access all of its features.

Easy To Use

YouTube is really simple to use in the classroom. Simply go to the website and type the type of video you want into the search bar. To use the platform, you do not even need to create an account!

Easy To Incorporate

YouTube has videos on almost every topic. So, if you want to add YouTube videos to your classes, simply type what your lesson will be about into the YouTube search bar and find appropriate videos to incorporate into your classes.


When a teacher lacks the materials or space to demonstrate a specific activity, YouTube videos could be a great way to demonstrate things like scientific experiments or cooking techniques.

Reward Students

Teachers who want to reward their students for outstanding work can do so by completely replacing or partially replacing the day’s lesson with a YouTube video.


How Is YouTube Beneficial To Students?

Here are several ways YouTube can be useful as a learning tool for students:

  • Videos Can Be Rewatched 
  • Online Discussions
  • Visual Learners
  • Elaborated Explanations 
  • Improve Note-Taking Skills

Videos Can Be Rewatched 

If you did not get the gist of a YouTube video the first time you saw it in class, you can search for it at home and view it again.

Online Discussions

Students frequently have questions or thoughts after watching YouTube videos. You can start a discussion in the video’s comment section. Here you can analyse and debate the video’s content with other students.

Visual Learners

If you are a student who finds it difficult to learn by simply listening to a lesson, watching YouTube videos will be quite useful to you. Combining visuals and audio will help you learn more effectively.

Elaborated Explanations 

Have you ever sat in a classroom and not understood what the teacher was explaining? Perhaps the time was too short to ask for a detailed explanation? YouTube videos are ideal for teaching complex topics in detail, in a simple manner, and you can watch them at home!

Improve Note-Taking Skills

When you watch YouTube videos, you will notice that some key points are highlighted. When you combine YouTube videos with note-taking, you can improve your note-taking skills.


What Are Some Disadvantages Of Using YouTube In The Classroom?

There are, however, a few disadvantages to using YouTube in the classroom. Here are some of the downsides:

  • Some YouTube videos are unreliable and may have come from questionable sources
  • Not all videos are appropriate for young learners, and the teacher must first watch and evaluate the video before showing it to the class
  • If you do not have the paid version of YouTube, you will see advertisements between videos, which might disrupt the students’ focus
  • To watch YouTube videos, you will need a device that can access YouTube as well as have an internet connection

What Are Some Examples Of Educational YouTube Channels?

Here is a great list of YouTube channels that you can use in your lessons:

  • Ted-Ed
  • Khan Academy
  • Crash Course
  • National Geographic
  • HowStuffWorks

What Are Some Other Educational Platforms That Can Be Used In The Classroom?

Not only is YouTube a fantastic tool for creating interesting and engaging lessons, but there are a number of other online tools that can be used in the classroom:

  • Prodigy
  • Duolingo
  • Kahoot!
  • GoNoodle
  • Quizlet


Prodigy is an online tool used to study mathematics. It will assist kids in practising maths concepts and skills in a way that keeps them interested and prevents boredom. This online tool will adjust to the student’s current level and provide appropriate exercises.


This is an online tool that can be used by students who are learning new languages or those who want to improve the language they already speak. Teachers can use this tool to make classes more engaging and fun.


Kahoot! is a popular online tool that is used by many teachers. You can use it to create quizzes, questions, and surveys. Students can then take these quizzes and compete to see who can successfully answer the most questions. It can be played by several people at the same time and just requires a code to access the platform.


This online tool is used for younger children. This online tool provides a variety of videos, activities, and tasks that are ideal for engaging young students. It also makes use of some physical activities. GoNoodle will help children focus on learning while also entertaining them.


This online tool provides a selection of quizzes designed specifically for use in the classroom. These quizzes will cover exactly what students require, regardless of their age or the subject they are studying.


Author: Esmari Pool
Editor: Esmari Pool
Date Published: November 11, 2022

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