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Tourism Marketing Comprehensive Course

Take an in-depth looking at various marketing strategies you can apply in a tourism business. These will help you…

Tourism Marketing Proficiency Course

The proficiency course contains basic marketing strategies for tourism as well as First aid concepts and Customer satisfaction principles.

Tourism Marketing Short Course

Learn the basics of marketing in the tourism industry. This course teaches you how to effectively research, plan, and…

Tourism Management Comprehensive Course

Take a deeper look into tourism management as a career. Learn concepts like managing finance for tourism and managing…

Tourism Management Proficiency Course

This course adds first aid and basic customer satisfaction principles to to ensure that the trips you plan are…

Tourism Management Short Course

A career in the tourism sector can often be a rewarding one. This course covers the basics you need…

Guest House Management Comprehensive Course

Learn about the business of managing your own guest house. This course covers the more advanced concepts to equip…

Guest House Management Proficiency Course

This course covers Customer care in the guest house, as well as first aid concepts to help you deal…

Guest House Management Short Course

Guest House Management is a specialised field in the Hospitality industry. Learn basic knowledge on how to run a…

Digital Photography Comprehensive Course

This course takes an in depth look at advanced digital photography techniques, as well as giving you valuable business…

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